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Contact Centre Omnichannel Platform

It happens all too often, you enter all the information needed onto a form, in the hope that you connect with a call handler that has read it before they speak to you.

The call handler isn’t privy to that information, and you have to repeat yourself to them. It’s as frustrating for the call handler as it is for the customer.

Omnichannel call centre software is a solution that allows your team to provide consistent, efficient service in whichever channel a user prefers.
You can seamlessly switch between these channels without losing context, allowing you to deal with the most complex of enquiries.

Allow your business to reach more customers by providing them with the opportunity to choose which platform they wish to interact with your business on.


Omnichannel can help you

Maintain quality

Maintain a consistent customer experience, improve customer satisfaction.

Agents are able to maintain a consistent customer experience, and be confident they can provide the best assistance as all the information held is available to them, without the need to place a call on hold whilst they retrieve details from a different department or system.

Inbound calls can be directed to the correct person, and any future calls made, the operator can see exactly who they spoke to and what the context of the conversation was. This makes the experience so much easier for the team, not to mention the customer.

The next level of communications.

Omnichannel 247 can help overhaul your business inside and out, by enhancing the customer experience and improving team morale, whilst transforming management and tracking.

The customisable software allows you to select add-ons that suit your businesses needs.
By utilizing this method, our clients are getting much higher success rates.

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