Omnichannel For Social Housing

Social Housing Omnichannel Software

Improving tenant communications and project management for Housing associations across the UK

Housing associations assist over 5 million people in England.

As the need for support rises amid tighter budget constraints, it’s never been more important for enterprises to operate efficiently and cost-effective.

Omnichannel offers a wide range of communication methods and special features allows housing associations to provide highly-tailored and responsive support to customers.

It’s important to know that people have preferred ways of communication, and Omnichannel allows for that.


Omnichannel can help you

Improve communications with tenants

An easy-to-use system which allows you to easily manage, track and resolve tenants’ issues, concerns or complaints.

You can provide an easy-to-use system which allows clients to contact you about different issues, concerns or complaints.

It also allows the operator to see the client’s information and any on-going jobs in one place so there is no need to transfer calls to different departments.

The operator is able to give a professional, seamless experience, and the client has peace of mind that they are being listened to, and any issues are acted on quickly.
There is no time wasted being passed from one desk to another.
Many problems occur out of normal office hours, with Omnichannel, you can offer 24 hour access to support information for the client until someone is available.

The next level of communications.

Omnichannel 247 can help overhaul your business inside and out, by enhancing the customer experience and improving team morale, whilst transforming management and tracking.

The customisable software allows you to select add-ons that suit your businesses needs.
By utilizing this method, our clients are getting much higher success rates.

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