Omnichannel For Property Management

Property Management Omnichannel Platform

As you know, the property market is a highly competitive one. Anything that will make your business distinctive can give you a competitive edge.

You need to be able to respond quickly with any new enquiries or current clients questions, and with Omnichannel you can engage with clients via various ways, from phone calls to video calls.

Omnichannel offers a consistent and integrated experience, with the tenant’s information, history, and previous queries visible across each channel.
You can see all notes against a property, any viewings, issues arisen, and queries from external surveyors, and works completed.


Omnichannel can help you

Keep your tenants informed

Keep your tenant informed in real time, track and manage the tasks.

Keep up to date with any maintenance work being carried out so you can keep the tenant informed in real time, there is no delays with our system.

It’s the best way to communicate properties for sale or rent, and for potential renters and buyers to enquire.

The next level of communications.

Omnichannel 247 can help overhaul your business inside and out, by enhancing the customer experience and improving team morale, whilst transforming management and tracking.

The customisable software allows you to select add-ons that suit your businesses needs.
By utilizing this method, our clients are getting much higher success rates.

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